Founded in 1977 by dedicated law enforcement officials, Dive Rescue International has remained exclusively committed to providing training and equipment for all public safety professionals involved in aquatic incidents. The rescue industry has witnessed a tremendous growth especially in the water rescue arena largely due to greater community involvement and the demand for preparedness for aquatic emergencies.

Dive Rescue International is the leader in preparing public safety professionals for aquatic incidents with an extensive list of over 20 course offerings covering diving, non-diving and trainer programs.

The Dive Rescue International training system is unique in that it draws on the expertise of an extensive network of public safety professionals. Dive Rescue International has trained over 1,500 trainers throughout North America and the world.

Dive Rescue International has been setting the Public Safety Diving Standard Since 1977.

Dive Rescue International provides Superior Training for all Responders to Aquatic Incidents by; Providing Peer Reviewed Best Practices, Training, and Outfitting Through Value Based, Innovative, Industry Leading Educators.

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